Chakra Therapy And Chakra Meditation

The chakras (the word literally means energy wheels) are lined up along the center line, or meridian, of a person’s body according to ancient Vedic thought.

It is generally accepted that there are seven of these chakra energy-wheels, although some practitioners maintain that there are in fact 14.

Beginning at the base (believed to be either the bottom end of the spine or the genitals) they go right up to the top of the head, the crown.

In between are the orange colored chakra situated in the stomach area, the yellow colored chakra known as the solar plexus just above this, the green colored chakra in the heart region, the blue colored throat chakra, the indigo colored chakra in the center of the forehead known as the third eye. The root chakra is colored red with the crown chakra thought of as being violet in color.

The numbering of these chakras 1 to 7 begins at the base of the spine, which is chakra number one. This numbering coincides with the spectrum along the wavelength of light.

The first chakra controls our physical health and vitality and our sexual health.

Chakra two rules a person’s creative powers.

The third chakra is responsible for our desires and what we want.

The fourth chakra commands the energy of our emotional life and opens us up to giving and receiving love.

Chakra five manages the equation between our emotions and thoughts. It decides our communication powers and gives us personal magnetism.

Chakra six influences a person’s intuition, psychic powers and insights, also referred to as the sixth sense.

The final chakra, number seven located at the crown of the head is what is responsible for our astral voyages.

When people feel they are connecting directly with God, they are focusing the energies of their seventh, purple-white, crown chakra.

The chakra wheels naturally want to spin. If they are healthy and clean, they are spinning, and then they are providing you with the strongest, healthiest energies you can have. But if they become clogged, then they cannot spin and you will have problems or sickness in one or more of the areas outlined.

The secret to health is that these chakras should be balanced. In case even one wheel is more active than others, the result can be addictions, neuroses, obsessive-compulsive disorders or unintentional cruelty.

There is constant worry that these chakras will become blocked. For instance, some people who possess a negative attitude towards sexual relations or have a poor diet will experience ill health or broken romantic relations primarily because they have disturbed the base red chakra.

If you constantly think about dark things like working black magic against people, you’ll clog up the seventh, purple-white, crown chakra and cut off your access to the cosmic or the divine, leaving you feeling bitter, fearful, and empty.

One of the most important aspects of a healthy, rapidly spinning chakra wheel is its flexibility; that is, it can open to receive energy from something good but close to repel energy from something bad. A mind is just like a hand: if it cannot both open and close then it’s broken. And a chakra is just like a mind-if it is healthy then it can both open and close as need be.

Chakra therapy means basically that you focus your attention and concentration on each of the seven main chakras in turn. This should really be done on a daily basis.

Look at each chakra area by meditating and seeing how its aspects are manifesting in your life. You do this by visualizing your body’s energy in that particular chakra. If you become aware that your chakra energy is lacking in any particular category, then you can use meditation to make that particular chakra healthy and balanced.

It is also observed that when some persons meditate on a gemstone of the same color as the chakras, their concentration is very high. They are able to focus better and can obtain an insight into the path for cleansing their chakras and make them healthier.

Recently it has become possible to just listen to the individual chakra sound frequencies. By listening to the particular frequency of each chakra your own chakras resonates at this frequency and become completely balanced.

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