Different Methods In Acne Scar Treatment

Acne is a constant worry, especially for teenage girls, as it appears all of a sudden and its scars remain long after the acne is gone. Irrespective of your dislike for it, acne appears throughout the teenage years of almost everyone and a lot of effort is needed for removing these ugly looking scars and checking them from recurring.

Acne is the result of a reaction between bacteria and sebum discharged by the glands found in skin, leading to an infection. As the condition starts to heal, collagen, which is a protein, is produced in the inner surface of the skin. On the level of collagen going below normal, tiny depressions develop on the skin and on its level being too high, visible protrusions appear. Acne scars appear in both these situations. Adolescents are typically more prone to acne infection as their hormones increase suddenly at the time of puberty leading to more sebum release.

Some of the usual reasons that result in an acne infection include intake of medicines, frequent use of oral contraceptives, applying beauty products that do not go with the skin type and genetic reasons. Certain lifestyle factors like tension, improper diet, and living in a polluted locality can also lead to acne. But contrary to what a majority of people believe, scientists have not found any connection between oily food and acne.

Although a number of creams and herbal skin care products are sold in the market to deal with acne, it is advisable to take medical help if the condition worsens or continues recurring. Abstaining from squeezing the lesion or jabbing it with any pointed object is a must to avoid worsening of acne.

A number of sufferers now resort to many cosmetic procedures to make the marks disappear and get a glowing skin. Surgery and laser treatment are two of the most effective ways of permanently removing acne scars, but several other innovative cures are also available nowadays. You should visit a good dermatologist who would be able to identify your skin type and recommend an appropriate treatment.

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