Different Methods Of Hair Removal

A large number of individuals face the problem of unwanted hair and struggle to get results even after trying out several methods of hair removal. Many factors such as the location and density of hair growth, your skin sensitivity and your skin type can decide the hair removal technique most appropriate for you.

The most commonly used method of hair removal is shaving. It is inexpensive and effective, but it is short-term and has to be done on a regular basis to maintain a hair-free look. For example, men shave their beards every day. Shaving is also widely practised for getting rid of chest hair and leg hair.

Another method is waxing of body hair. However, the procedure is messy and usually cannot be done without assistance from another person. On the positive side, while waxing, the hair is removed from the base, which gives a longer period of smooth skin as the hair takes about two weeks to start growing back. However, you should remember that waxing causes pain and hence, it is not appropriate for sensitive areas.

The third option is to apply a hair removal cream, which is simple to use and can be done on your own. While this is free from pain, the hair grows back quicker than in the method of waxing. There is an additional risk that your skin may react to the chemicals in the cream, resulting in a rash.

Those who have unbalanced hair growth on their bodies can opt for hair transplant from the parts with more growth to the parts with lesser growth. This is a complicated procedure and must be used only in case there are no other alternatives.

Finally, there is another technique known as laser hair removal, which is also the most expensive. The most important benefit of this technique is that its results are permanent. However it should be conducted by a trained expert in order to prevent accidents and scarring.

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