A Few Times Using The Yowza Sanibel Machine Will Have You Hooked On Cardio Training

The Yowza Sanibel Elliptical has been receiving excellent reviews from serious fitness experts looking for new ways to improve their upper body strength. The comfortable machine supports workouts with design features developed to make your workout successful.

Much of the comfort comes from solid construction. The frame is made from welded steel and the pedals incorporate a patented design that ensures good spacing. The stride is set at 21 inches. When you couple that with silent, no roller, rear drive stride motion and you add to the riding ease. The unit features electromagnetic braking for a smooth braking resistance. The braking uses magnets to create resistance, and this reduces friction. Ultimately, the entire workout is smoother and more comfortable, creating a positive time that encourages longer exercise periods.

Best known for its upper body workout routine, due to its converging axis design, the elliptical organizes your routine with precise workout details throughout your entire workout. You can grip the handlebars several ways to improve your fitness routine, using the large dual consoles located within easy range to get routine updates.

The dual information consoles provide exercise routine updates within easy view. They are located between the two sets of handlebars. Extra features include a heart rate monitor, a workout fan with three speeds that cools your body core, and a docking station so that you can plug in your iPod while you exercise. It also has 12 preset workout programs with 50 random program variations, plus nine user memory profiles.

The warranty exceeds the norm for the industry. With lifetime warranties on the frame and braking system, five years on the parts and electronics, and two years on in home labor, the purchase package is attractive. Most experts refer to these as generous.

The company owners wanted to develop an excellent product with a good warranty. To that end, the elliptical comes with lifetime warranties for the frame and braking system, a five-year warranty for the parts and electronics, and two-year coverage for in home labor.

This machine is the result of 49 years of combined experience in the fitness industry. It boasts the latest in technology and design. With programming that suits not only advanced athletes but beginners as well, the elliptical helps most everyone to get a good workout that many find to be more comfortable than they expected.

Expert users recommend the Yowza Sanibel as a possible choice for improving muscle tone in the upper body. The patented converging axis design targets abs and oblique muscles in a very specific way. If you are looking for a comfortable machine that produces top quality workouts, then this may be the machine for you.

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