The Noblerex Is One Amazing Machine For Improved Health

The technology that is developed in outer space usually reaches the commercial market a few years after it has been put to extensive use. Most of these technological innovations are already there but due to their prohibitive costs, they only get sold once the prices of parts gets lower. One such machine that is the product of space technology is the Noblerex K1. It’s not only an exercise machine, it is a space age exercise machine that will forever change how we workout and keep our bodies toned and fit.

One of the challenges that astronauts have to face whenever they are preparing for outer space is to keep themselves physically fit. In outer space, there is no gravity to keep human bodies performing in an optimal level. Space atrophy refers to the process wherein the human body finds it difficult to adjust to a zero gravity environment. Blood flow decreases as a result of the weight less environment and therefore, the amount of oxygen in the blood supply also decreases. When this happens, bone density is affected and muscle mass begins to decrease. This poses as a huge problem since there is no space to exercise in outer space.

Because the accommodations inside a space station are severely limited, machines like the K1 Noblerex needed to be invented. Astronauts could perform exercises without actually having to use up a lot of space. The noblerex k1 price, used to be so prohibitive that only astronauts could use them, but now, its price has gone down giving ordinary people to chance to have the following benefits:

1. Better burning of calories 2. Greater metabolism 3. Helps the loss of fats 4. Encourages more human growth hormones 5. Greatly diminishes cortisol 6. Enhanced blood circulation 7. Enhanced lymphatic health

All of these are made possible because of the innovation named k1 whole body vibration. The machine oscillates which causes the bodily muscles to act as if they were exercising. They then contract and expand like they do whenever one is exercising or engaging in physical exertion. You could say that the machine helps you exercise without you needing to move a muscle. All you have to do is stand.

Your muscles then begin to oscillate as you stand on the machine and turn it on. In this way, the rate of contraction will range from 7 to 28 oscillations per second. At that rate, you might as well have been running a full sprint on the track oval. That is why this machine is a part of the United States and Russian space training programs. Alongside with a physically demanding regimen, astronauts and cosmonauts undergo vibration exercise in order to acclimatize them.

The advantage of using this workout machine all point to a win-win solution. It is guaranteed to be safe and will not cause any injury at all. Real physical exertion is usually accompanied by the possibility of injuring yourself. Since the movements are only simulated in nature, there is no possibility that you could get hurt. Having to deal with a physical injury is a real morale dampener when it comes to fat-loss regimens.

Efficiency is another word that comes into play whenever you use the Noblerex machine. Imagine having the effects of a full blown workout, compressed in a machine that practically does the workout for you. A concrete example of the K1′s efficiency is the rate by which muscles contract during strength training sessions. With traditional weight lifting, our muscles only contract as fast as we can lift the weights. So, if you lift a dumbbell 1 to 2 times every second, your muscles contract only 1 to 2 times every second. With the Noblerex, your muscles can contract and expand up to 7 to 28 times every second without lifting weights.

Working out, without the work out. This will be the statement that will define your Noblerex k1 machine experience. If you get this, you would be investing in a machine that is safe, effective and efficient giving you that total body workout to have that body that you’ve always wanted.

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