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Leather Jackets – What To Look For

When it comes to making a good impression, there aren’t many better options for a man than a stylish leather jacket. The leather jacket has been the staple of Western men’s fashion for decades and is available in many different styles. The classic leather motorcycle jacket gives an air of fresh macho intimidation and exerts a cool, relaxed look while the long leather trench-coat, often associated with Gothic subculture, can look dark, sleek and enticing.

Wedding Photography Styles

Organizing a wedding can be tough. Even something as simple as the wedding photography can be complicated so we’ve put together a guide to the main styles of wedding photography. Firstly, the popular reportage style. Reportage simply refers to the un-posed style of this type of photograph. Typically, the subject will be unaware and the images will appear natural and emotive. This is a relatively contemporary style but has fast become the most popular type of wedding photography today. The natural style accentuates the emotion of the occasion and captures many elements of your day perfectly.

A Look At The English Football Premier League

As always, the English Premier League is going to be a fantastic watch this season. Tickets for all the big matches such as Chelsea, Manchester United, Arsenal and Liverpool fixtures are being snapped up as soon as they come on the market. The Premier League is a highly successful tournament, attracting high levels of sponsorship and helping to raise the international reputation of English football. The Premier League was formed in 1992 when the top clubs in the Football League decided to break away from the 1st division to form their own league.