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The Hidden Treasures Of Chakra Energy

At the outset, let me share a secret that very few people in the world know (and if they know, they dont acknowledge it!). All the human beings have a huge reservoir of energy, large enough to make sure that our physical and mental health always remains upbeat. This secret is a commonplace among large Hindu and Buddhist population in India and other parts of the world, for most Americans and Europeans, this is an invaluable piece of information, which theyd like to explore further.

The Ultimate Health Boost – Clearing Your Chakras!

Ours is a fast moving society and just making it through a typical day can take everything you?ve got and leave you feeling drained and utterly exhausted. To keep going and moving onwards and upwards, you need to recharge yourself occasionally.

Start Living Again With Chakra Meditation

Meditation has been around for around two thousand years, it’s been a way of life for mankind. In fact every religion that is practiced by men uses some sort of meditation as a way of achieving a higher form of spiritual consciousness.

Chakra Therapy And Chakra Meditation

The chakras (the word literally means energy wheels) are lined up along the center line, or meridian, of a person’s body according to ancient Vedic thought.

Influence Of The Seven Chakras

Chakras are the foci within our bodies where the energy which makes up our life force is generated. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel; a good representation of the spherical energy field the word refers to.

The Hidden Wonders Of Chakra Healing

A Chakra Perspective