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How You Can Save Money On Heating Bills With DIY Sash Window Insulation

At this time of year the temperature is steadily dropping and the wind speed is on the increase. Both of these factors mean that any draughts in your home will become much more apparent. Anyone who has sash windows in their home will be very aware of this very problem. So now is the time to save money on heating bills with DIY sash window insulation.

Significantly Lower Your Carbon Footprint With Sash Window Draught Proofing This Winter

As cold weather begin to set in, you may think about lowering energy bills and the need to reduce your carbon foot print with sash window draught proofing this winter. Reducing draughts and cold spots in your home is easy when you spend a little time planning how to most effectively address the issues that caused by windows that may need repair, resealing or replacement.

How To Spruce Up Your Office Renovations

Interior design might not be your strong point, but do not let that stop you from starting a much needed renovation of your office. To make sure your office renovations turn out beautifully you can follow these decorating tips. Most importantly, have fun with your renovation! Build on the ideas given here to make your office unique for you.

Office Furniture In The New Living Room

It is a funny thing, the dining room became the kitchen and the office is becoming the new living room. Families tend to congregate around the center of fun and activity. For a long time people would sit in the living room and talk or at the dining table. Then the family moved their eating area to the living room in front of the television. So now the most visited room in the house is where you keep your office furniture.