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Singapore Actual Day Photography

The wedding couple are the two most important people on a wedding day. An excellent idea would be to isolate the couple from the ongoing celebrations so that the photographer can capture the beautiful intimate moments between them and create some everlasting portraits Not only will you get your pictures but this will give they wedding couple some time away from the celebration as well.

Wedding Photography Styles

Organizing a wedding can be tough. Even something as simple as the wedding photography can be complicated so we’ve put together a guide to the main styles of wedding photography. Firstly, the popular reportage style. Reportage simply refers to the un-posed style of this type of photograph. Typically, the subject will be unaware and the images will appear natural and emotive. This is a relatively contemporary style but has fast become the most popular type of wedding photography today. The natural style accentuates the emotion of the occasion and captures many elements of your day perfectly.

Tips For The Would-Be Wedding Photographer

For years people will be displaying photos of their wedding, since it is that kind of occasion. Every bride and groom wants someone who is well trained and who will guarantee quality. If you are a photographer you might want to consider photographing weddings because there is a lot of money to be made by doing them. With the money comes the risk which you must manage well.

An Eye For Art Photography

High-quality archival prints of photographs that are reproduced in limited numbers, and sold to dealers, collectors or curators is usually called art photography . Occasionally the prints may be exhibited in an art gallery, but not always. These photographs are usually created to fulfill the creative vision of the photographer. They are an art form, photographed and printed for their own aesthetic value. They may be in color, or black and white.