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Reasons To Purchase The New Samsung Epic 4G PDA Phone

Mobile phones are definitely one of the most useful inventions ever created. Samsung is one of the leading brands when it comes to cell phone production and innovation. And with many of the new cell phone models being associated with Samsung, it’s safe to say that there are a ton of upcoming phones with new and excited features.

Introducing The Newly Released BlackBerry Torch

The BlackBerry Torch is the newest edition to the popular BlackBerry line from AT&T and RIM (Research In Motion). The phone is a marriage of a highly advanced smartphone and traditional BlackBerry in one neat little package, offering something for everyone. BlackBerry incorporates a complete touchscreen design into their Torch and removes the keyboard-the very same keyboard that is a familiar asset to all who use the traditionally designed BlackBerries. However, not all is lost considering the Torch does come equipped with a slide out full QWERTY; users still have a physical keyboard, it is just not as accessible as it once was.