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85Under introduces their private cloud service, Cloud85

Underground-Data-Center85Under, a Microsoft Dynamic Data Center located in Springfield, Missouri, is announcing their new private cloud service, Cloud85.


Microsoft Dynamic Data Center provides the tools necessary to build a private Microsoft cloud infrastructure. In addition, the dynamic tool kit will provide an architectural map to develop an agile IT infrastructure that is cost-effective and efficient. This technology meets customer requirements for flexibility in an IT infrastructure that is quickly adaptable to changing technology and business needs.

Hosting providers rely on the Microsoft Dynamic Data Center Toolkit as an integral element to building agile infrastructures for customers. Creating a portal for customers to acquire on-demand tools to manage their fluctuating business needs is one of the greatest assets of an agile infrastructure. This technology combined with the flexibility of Microsoft cloud creates cost-effective opportunities for customers to manage, maintain and increase business.

Cloud computing provides security and the additional benefit of efficient disaster recovery of data. Creating secure synchronized disaster recovery processes for customers and developing an agile IT infrastructure are essential business tools provided in Microsoft’s data center. These critical tools provide the technology businesses desire to maintain profitability through an infrastructure that changes on-demand. The use of data center technology and the benefit of cloud computing provides real-time solutions in a fluctuating business environment.