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A Few Times Using The LifeCORE LC985VG Machine Will Have You Hooked On Cardio Training

exercise 1The LifeCORE LC985VG elliptical trainer is a bit unusual. It belongs in the compact category of these types of machines. Unlike most, however, it is high quality and durable.

Compact elliptical machines are often sought after for one of two reasons. Either the person is smaller and wants a machine with a smaller stride. Or, the person has limited space, such as someone living in an apartment.

The user who is heavy or of more than average height will probably not find this elliptical to be ideal. If, on the other hand, you are of small to average build, it is well worth considering.

There are some features that are worth noting. For example, the foot pedals can be adjusted to accommodate your particular stride. Adjusting them can also help you to workout different muscles.

It comes with 12 present programs and includes Polar compatible heart rate control programs. Data can be stored for up to four users. The console display is LED and easily read, letting you see your distance, time, watts, speed, calories and pulse simultaneously. There is a gauge which allows you to adjust the resistance level.

In the parts that pivot, enclosed bearings are used to reduce wear and tear. This then helps to cut down on service being needed. It comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and joints, 5 years on the parts and 1 year on service. A leading consumer publication rated it for two consecutive years as a best buy.

The LifeCORE LC985VG elliptical trainer is ruggedly made to last. Unlike others in this category, it does not get customer complaints for breaking down. Rather, the reviews continuously say that they do not take a lot of maintenance and keep working just as well as when they were first used.

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