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A Painful Journey Toward Redemption

freecompress RedemptionThe destructive results of abuse can be difficult for anyone to handle. Even the strongest of us cannot bear the pain. After many years of severe cruelty and horrid mistreatment, it is no surprise that many fractured souls finally succumb to addiction, in order to cope with pain that haunts their lives. To some people, even attempts of emotional and spiritual healing are nothing but a foregone remedy.

Such is the heart touching story as told by author Stuart Heatherington in his book, The Weight of Glass. In a vivid manner, Heatherington tells of the tragic tale of a family shattered by abuse. This happens when a widowed mother remarries a pastor, Warren Tucker, who turns the once-happy family’s life into a hell on earth. After the mother dies in a tragic road accident, leaving her three children, Lee, Amy, and Darla, the abuse increases. This leaves them vulnerable to their new stepfather’s lustful and destructive rage. Warren used to rape Amy. She even tells us how she used a jar of Brown Recluse spiders to keep him from climbing the stairs to her room. For the reader, the story weaves you into a complex web, the past an emotionally driven tale of revenge that wraps itself around your heart and won’t let go.

Later on in life, Lee and Amy reunite at Fripp Island in order to scatter the ash of their little sister Darla, hoping to reach a peaceful point of closure that had eluded them for a very long time.

By highlighting the destructive effects of abuse, Heatherington does a fine job of shedding needed light on an appalling issue which we cannot afford to ignore. Abuse leads to internal chaos and confusion, from which the victims are often unable to escape. In this book, it’s made apparent that cruelty plays a major role in the outcome of Lee and his sisters’ lives. Yet, it manages to highlight beautifully the choices and sacrifices we make, sometimes for better or for worse, and the impact they can ultimately have on us.

Heatherington instills a compelling sense of sympathy in his characters’ personal sagas. This will encourage the reader to invest fully in this painful journey toward redemption, one which offers a surprising chance of hope for two tragic figures.

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