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A Tiny Spy Camera Particularly The DVR Pen Hidden Camera Helps To Guard My Office

freecompress spy camThe company was going to launch a product one month back. We were shocked to find that a competing company launched the very product ahead of us. The executives were convinced that one of us had conspired with the competition to sabotage the business.

I was furnished with a tiny spy camera so I could expose the facts. A built-in microphone and a small DVR camera are inside this DVR Pen Hidden Camera. The DVR is equipped with a 2 GB memory.

No wirings are needed by this covert camera so it is easy to conceal. I only have to click it like a ballpoint pen to make it work. The pen functions like a real one.

Up to two hours of activity can be recorded by the DVR Pen Hidden Camera with a full battery. They can be downloaded from the USB to my PC via the latter?s USB port.

To recharge this tiny spy camera, I just connect it to the computer or a wall plug. It records 16 frames per second and I can use the unit interchangeably as a video or audio recorder. It also functions as a thumb drive that lets me transfer files to a computer.

With the lens situated 1/4 inch from atop the pen, it is possible to keep recording while the pen is in my pocket.

I had been suspecting someone but required the tiny spy camera to get proof to nail him. Once I found him reporting the minutes of our meeting through his phone, I was convinced it was to no one who worked with us. Of this discussion, the microphone delivered audible recordings.

With the viewing software that was included when I bought the DVR Pen Hidden Camera, I had no difficulty showing my bosses everything that I recorded with the tiny spy camera. This included the video and audio recording of the phone call. As a result, they immediately fired the turncoat.

Michael Gravette has been a wholesaler for over 20 years. He owns Safety Technology, the most well known drop ship wholesaler of self defense products, hidden cameras, spy and surveillance systems in the country. He also develops turn key ecommerce websites for his associates.