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Are You Searching For The Secret Of Abundance?

freecompress abundanceIt is safe to say that the majority of people in the world are looking for a key to change their life. They are looking for the missing secret, that once they have it, it will provide them with all the riches they have every wanted. Most people spend years and countless dollars trying to get their hands on it. Here, right now, you are going to be given that secret. That’s right, your search is over. The thought has consumed your mind, pushed you to keep looking to try to attain it and the universe is now delivering.

First, you need to know that an abundant life does not mean you have all the money in the world. To live an abundant life you need three things and they are health, money and relationships. Some people may disagree and then tell you the secret to an abundant life is having money. This is simply not true.

Consider if you had millions of dollars, even more than you would ever be able to spend, but you are in poor heath with only days to live, perhaps spending your days staring at the ceiling, then what good is money to you. If you are healthy yet alone with no one to share your life with, what good, is health to you? All three aspects are essential to live an abundant life.

You need the secret that unlocks abundance so that you are healthy, you have meaningful relationships and you have the money you require. The real secret of abundance is your thoughts and emotions. It is that simple, since it is your thoughts and emotions that create your life. They have the power to influence what you want in life as well as keep you held in your current live.

Many individuals reading this may shake their head and tell you this is a lie. If the secret of abundance depended upon your thoughts and emotions, that everyone would have an abundant life. These individuals are correct. If everyone has the power to create an abundant life, then why is he or she not doing so?

The list of reasons can be very long. However, they all center on one fundamental issue. Most people would rather live as they are and complain about it all rather than trying to live an abundant life. For instance, Donald Trump never felt sorry for himself. Bill Gates never doubted he would be a millionaire. They both knew what they wanted; they never doubted their power to make it so. Their minds were set upon creating an abundant life. They knew they would live an abundant life and they became the masters of their own life.

Even though the secret is simple, you have not reason to believe it is so. Keep in mind that everything around you began as a thought of someone. They simply manifested it into reality. For instance, the pen you use, the car you drive the seatbelts in that car, your front door, the toy your child plays with and even the space shuttle all began as a thought.

You can create the life you desire right now! You need to figure out what it is you really want. Be detailed and specific write it down even. Determine what it is you want and then find those things you have right now and be thankful for them. Remember, if you do not appreciate what you have now you will not be able to make things better for yourself.

Consider what you want to create and then allow that thought to consume you. Allow it to burn wildly in your heart, soul and mind. You need to be excited about it, since emotion will add more power to the thought. You want to send out a message to the universe that is more than just a small wave; you want to create a Tsunami. To get what you want you have to believe in it and that it is coming to you. Then make sure that you do what you need to in order to make it so.

Hidden inside your mind, thoughts and emotions, is the secret of abundance, when you change the way you think and feel you can create abundance!

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