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BenchFolks IT Portal (IT Jobs and IT Training) list the latest IT jobs in USA, including JAVA, .NET, SAP, SQL Server, BA , QA and more. Benchfolks aims to provide you with the best jobs from the best employers in USA, while also delivering new ways and new technology to make it easier to find the job that’s right for the IT Jobseekers. Whether you are an experienced IT professional seeking Job as a Consultant or entry level software professional looking for a great way to step into the IT field, let BenchFolkshelp you achieve your goals. also providing a most valuable web platform that assists IT training providers in connecting potential students, and gives IT training seekers a powerful educational decision-making resource. BenchFolks offers a comprehensive range of IT learning solutions and services to address the needs of diverse audiences in North America. Current IT job market is more competitive than ever. IT Companies want the smart candidates who know their systems inside and out, who not only have ambition, but also have the vast career training necessary to succeed in any given IT environment. No matter what IT career you choose, training is the number one way to move ahead and sustain in today’s IT job environment.

Benchfolks Training website, sets a web platform to connect global online IT Training Seekers with Training Providers across North America. Benchfolks portal provides a convenient means of storing and retrieving information through a training content database. Training Providers (Training Providers /Freelance IT Trainers) register with us if their work experience qualifies them to train in any subject. IT courses include but not limited to Business analyst courses, QA courses, IT Training, Technology Courses, Short Business courses, Management training, Computer Courses, etc. connect training providers across the United States/ Canada with Training seekers on all skill levels from entry-level training for those looking to break into an industry to training for specialized positions. From basic IT course to more advanced software courses, Benchfolks is designed to meet the needs of virtually every type of IT business and every type of IT professional. Our advanced web technology and user-friendly career portal makes it easy to find the IT training classes or IT Job that suits you, at a time and location that’s convenient