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Benefits Of Out Of Body Experience

freecompress ESPWhen someone feel his spirit is out of body and floating above his head, this is called an out of body experience or OBE. This is a scientifically proved phenomenon and commonly occur when a person about to die. It can be done intentionally if practiced well. Such a process is called Astral Projection. It is proved that souls leave the human body and looking down to it while doctors or physicians trying hard to save their life when they are about to death.

This phenomenon in earlier times was known as ‘Spiritual Walking’, a more religious centered term. Later it became named ‘Projection’ and again changed its name in 1943 and termed as ‘out of body experience’ or ‘OBE’. Experiments and research are still taking place to explore various characteristics of this observable fact. This is because of the statistics back up which the phenomenon gained and it shows that one out of ten people experiencing OBE

In normal cases Out of body experience may occur for variety of reasons. Use of Psychedelic drugs may causes your body to slips to deeper comma state and results in OBE, or any other reason that may lips you to trance.

To practice astral travel you need to prepare your mind in many ways. It is important to gain control over your mind and gain the ability to concentrate on your thoughts. It is not a hard task but at the same time not an easy talk. Gain control of your mind by meditation and other intellectual exercises like puzzles. While preparing for this you should never loose your attention or deviate your concentration at any cost.

When you come to practice out of body experience, never go with a half heart that will never help you to reach your aim. So believe and convince your mind that your soul can leave your body and it can regain after astral travel. Set up all these conditions which are essential for spiritual travel. Next is practicing astral projection. Choose a room which can give you perfect solitude and complete silence. Better to close all doors and windows to close light source which may disturb your concentration.

If you really believe that you can do the projection you have completed half of your effort because you developed a mind set, which is essential for the process. Even your slightest fear may harm you mind and disturb to undergo the same.

Focus on the images and you will feel like shivering. Never get hesitated with or try to stop it. Let it to continue, then you will feel like your body is motionless and you can’t hear sound of breathing. Keep calm and allow your soul to leave body.

Keep on your attempt till you reach your goal, don’t be frustrated in failures. Focus and focus at your aim and gain the ability to control your mind. Put down your experience and improvement day by day in a dream journal.

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