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Body Language That Signals To Your Dog

freecompress dogPerhaps you are trying to send the message of either “I am approachable,” “I am pleased with your behavior!,” “I am proud of you!,” “Come play!” or “You can trust me” but you are lacking in the appropriate body language. It means your dog will not listen to you with trust.

Your bent over posture is a welcoming move to your pet. Likewise, open arms and a seated position are also usually inviting forms of body language. Then, sped of movement may be taken as signs of enthusiasm or gentleness.

Dogs, especially the timid and nervous ones, consider it non-offensive and neutral when you approach them from the side, not the front. Be sure not to make a sneak attack from behind and just be gentle with him.

A softer body posture may communicate approachability and some kind of submission; and bent and rounded shoulders is one example of such postures. However, if you need to express a commanding leader-like temperament, you need to show a firm body posture. Standing up tall and straight helps to achieve this temperament.

When you body language sends a negative message, your pet me get a hint that you are really cross. These may communicate intimidation, threat, or aggressive leadership.

These types of body language cannot be found in our dogs that are raised with human attachment. However, these are existent in the wild for dogs to use as survival-instinct skills.

By approaching your dog from a neutral direction, you help your dog correct the behavior by gaining his trust. He may lose trust in you if your body language is negative, threatening, or intimidating. In these cases he may get angry and even may become aggressive. So, use a neutral body language.

Why not practice in a mirror to check whether you can stimulate a message using your body language. While practicing, try with both positive and negative body language. This will help you send a desired message to your pet when you will need to order him do something.

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