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Cheap Flooring In Vancouver

freecompress Cheap FlooringThe flooring that you select in your home should last a very long time. You need to consider all of your options for flooring so that it looks good in your home long after the first year. It should also be affordable. While many people choose vinyl or tile because it is cheap, it doesn’t make it the most affordable.

You need to take a look at flooring Vancouver homes and ask if it makes sense. You should be looking for floors that are easy to keep clean when they become wet. Vancouver deals with rain and snow. This can track in a lot of dirt. Vinyl, wood, laminate and tile all have the ability to be mopped up. Vinyl and tile will begin to show dirt easier over time because of the way dirt and other soil gets into the divots and crevices of the design.

When you opt for hardwood flooring Vancouver companies can show you that they are very smooth. You can mop right over them and all the dirt is being removed because there is no other place for it to go.

After a while, vinyl will need to be replaced. If you replace your vinyl twice in ten years and hardwood doesn’t need to be replaced, which becomes the most cost effective solution? Hardwoods may not be the least expensive floor out there to install, but in the end, it ends up being the most cost effective.


Tile can crack. If your tile cracks, you can’t do much about it. Hardwoods are called hardwoods because they are very solid. If you do a cost comparison between tile and a wood floor Vancouver professionals will show you that there isn’t a big difference in cost.

If you want to eliminate the price difference completely, you can even opt for laminate instead of hardwood. You get many of the same benefits except it isn’t actually hardwood – though it looks and feels like it. You can achieve the same colors and designs but it may end up being cheaper than tile.

You need to consider your costs in the long run, not just what the cheapest is to have installed. If you were to look at price alone, you would end up with linoleum throughout your home, which isn’t going to give you the long term wear or the aesthetics that you want.


You should factor in costs and then go with what looks good. You may be surprised when you find out that hardwood floors are cheaper than you thought.