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Chickens And Life Extension Treatment

life extensionIn 1912 chicken heart cells were kept alive in a test tube for the next 34 years. This experiment was interesting, particularly since chickens usually only live for 3 to 5 years. However, the chicken’s heart cells lived much longer than the chicken that once owned them. It proved that cells are immortal under the right conditions, and this was done by using a strategy that was simple. The heart cells were kept in mineralized water that was changed every 48 hours, so that the heart cells were always living in a solution that was rich in minerals and clean. The experiment was terminated after 34 years, but the lessons about life extension and cell life last forever.

Water that is mineralized is similar to the blood of the humans and chicken and it proves what can be achieved when the blood and the body are kept clean and mineralized. Obviously, it also proves what the consequences if the blood and body aren’t and nowadays, the blood of most human beings isn’t very clean. Much like our soil and our bodies have become depleted of minerals.

A colon that isn’t clean is one way to collect waste in the blood and body. This condition is caused when the waste isn’t thoroughly and quickly eliminated. However, most people don’t even know that they suffer from constipation. Out of every 300 autopsies that are performed in Chicago, 285 of the bodies were constipated. However, in accordance with the people’s medical charts, 285 reported that they weren’t constipated while the rest reported that they were.

A clean body and a dirty bowel are impossible to due to infrequent eliminations, which is a big problem. There are many health professionals who report that an unclean colon leaks filth into every organ and cell in the body. When this filth that is in the colon is all through the body, the stage set for disease. Obviously, cleaning the colon is the start of an answer.

These findings also provide a clue as to how clean many people’s blood really is. There are studies which have demonstrated that there are hundreds of poisons in the average person’s blood. The umbilical cord blood of in infants also provides a clue, and their only tested for less than 1% of the chemicals that are in use.

Obviously, the biggest indicator of the cleanliness of the population’s body and blood is the health of the general population. Children as young as 8 years old are getting kidney disease, cancer, dementia, and heart disease, cancer, and kidney disease, which were all considered at one time as diseases that are related to aging that are actually related to having a lot of toxicity in the body.

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