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Dating: Lessons In Love

freecompress Dating tipsAre you searching for a lover / girlfriend? Have you been single for some time? Have you someone under consideration who you want to go on a date with? 1 or 2 years back I was under the impression that I knew what my ideal partner or girlfriend would look and be like. I was however going to learn an awfully valuable lesson of which I am going to write about in this piece.

I’m quite short for a male and always wish to date girls who are smaller in comparison to I am. This however counts rather a lot of them out. I also like girls who are very grounded and who are quite relaxed about life, not too into themselves for instance. I also like them to be brunette with a pleasant grin and engaging eyes, a slim figure would also be a bonus. What I’ve described is what I claimed to be my perfect squeeze.

This entire idea was blown out of the water around 10 years when I had to work on a project at work with a lady called Sam. She was about 10 years older than I was and I will be able to always remember what my 1st impressions of her were. What a mess, I believed. She had made no effort with her appearance, had not even brushed her hair it appeared, she dressed as if she was 20 years older than she really was and essentially seemed like she hadn’t slept the evening before.

This will appear quite wicked and vicious, this is what I used to be like back then, I’m shamed to consider how my mind used to work. I’m content however that I’ve now changed to be what I’m hoping is a pleasanter person. Notwithstanding these initial impressions I need to say that Sam was so nice and useful to me over the following 3 months. She’s likely one of the kindest and purest folk I’ve ever met. After around 10 weeks of first meeting Sam, I began to dream about her and I believe that I fell completely in love with her. She hadn’t all of a sudden made an effort with her appearance, still looked a mess for example.

The plain fact was it didn’t matter to me any more, it was what was within that counted. I never admitted to Sam how I felt as she was married, I suspect her partner is among the luckiest men alive. Thanks Sam for teaching me an important lesson in love.

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