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Discover Negotiating Tips for Okanagan Real Estate Property

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You spent time searching through Okanagan real estate listings for the perfect home. Now it’s time to negotiate on the price. However, this is where many people have difficulties. For instance, the seller can say yes to your offer, return with a counteroffer, or simply reject your offer. So how do you successfully negotiate Okanagan real estate property? In this article, you will learn the basics of negotiating offers for Okanagan homes for sale.

Knowing how Much to Offer for Okanagan Real Estate

When you are looking through Okanagan real estate listings, you generally see an asking price for the property. However, there are many factors to keep in mind. For instance, you must decide for yourself if the asking price is fair for you and the seller. Some factors to consider include:

· The trends of similar Okanagan homes for sale

· The seller’s reason for selling the home

· How much are you willing to spend

· Does the proposed home have everything you want

After you consider all the factors that will play a part, the next step is to meet with Okanagan Royal Lepage realtors who’ll help shape your offer to suit both the seller and buyer needs. You may decide that the offer is a bit high and needs to be lower.

Dealing with Okanagan Real Estate Contingencies

Let’s face it, almost all Okanagan homes for sale offers contain some form of contingencies or events that must occur with a certain period, or the deal won’t be finalized. This period usually is within 30 days. For example, a buyer may ask that the Okanagan real estate property pass a home inspection within the 30-day period. If the property does not pass the inspection, the whole deal is off. Check with your Okanagan home finders for more information about Okanagan real estate contingencies.

Making Counteroffers for Okanagan Real Estate Homes

A seller does not have to accept an offer in an Okanagan Royal Lepage negotiation session. Even if your offer is the only one the seller receives, they still have the right to reject it. For instance, if a bid on a Okanagan real estate property is too low, the seller can refuse it immediately. Keep in mind that many sellers will respond with a counteroffer of their own. In this case, you do not have to accept it either. Some reasons for counteroffers include:

· The price – the seller may want more money than offered or does not want to pay for certain fees (home inspection, closing, down payment, etc)

· Closing date – The seller may need more time to move out

· Contract – The seller may not want to wait for the sale of your present home to happen.

Choosing the Right Okanagan Royal Lepage Realtors

Rob Dion and Lee Ivans are your best source for Okanagan homes for sale. Striving to ensure peace of mind, Rob and Lee can help you in your quest to purchase a home. Whether you need assistance with negotiating with sellers or you simply have questions concerning Okanagan real estate listings, they are the team you can trust. Rob Dion and Lee Ivans experiences as Okanagan home finders will serve as your tool to locating Okanagan real estate homes for sale. Come visit our website today for more information.