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DNS.comMeta Description: is one of the world’s leading managed DNS providers. offers the best and most accurate Geolocational services of any DNS service provider.


A service of Comodo®, a leading brand in Internet security, DNS helps improve the performance and scalability of thousands of websites and applications. will help you connect with your audiences faster and more reliably by making DNS simple, usable and fast. Best of all, provides their first-rate solutions at the best value. was created when its founders, who were running a new software company, recognized their need for tools to help them scale and manage the growing traffic to their websites. The difficulty they encountered with finding a reliable, flexible and affordable provider led them to decide to take on the challenge themselves.

Two years later, released the enterprise level managed service and has since grown to become one of the world’s leading managed DNS providers, powering the authoritative DNS infrastructure of thousands of customers from all over the world, from small businesses to large corporations, web hosting providers and domain name registrants.

Today, the company’s Geolocational services are the best and most accurate of any DNS service provider, making it easy to deploy your websites on their anycast network, sending DNS queries to the servers closest to your customers. uniquely offers the most precise geolocation in the industry; city-level targeting is available in more than 200 countries and comes as a standard feature on all of their accounts. It is easy to create geo groups with geotargeting, which makes combining cities, states or countries that share the common language, currency or other demographics that match a business’ needs really simple. This service is most heavily used by Content Distribution Networks, which caters to.

With their customers in mind, has also come up with a simplified management interface that keeps DNS processes simple and logical – users are provided with an extremely advanced functionality without the need to consult a manual. continues to seek out and provide useful features that their clients can utilize to further their business’ growth. Additionally and more importantly, they listen to their customers’ feedback in order to provide them with a better user experience.

The solutions provided by are not only flexible and reliable; they are also affordable, with three (3) packages for you to choose from:

  • DNS Basic – up to 5 domains, 5 million queries for only $34.95/month
  • DNS Pro – up to 5 domains, 15 million queries for only $44.95/month
  • DNS Enterprise – unlimited domains, 50 million queries for only $99.95/month

Features standard with every plan are Managed Unlimited DNS Records, GeoDNS – Global Traffic Management, URL Forwarding (301, 302 and Frame), DNSSEC and IPv6 Compatibility, Secondary DNS/Zone Transfers, Geo Load Balancing, 24×7 Email and Phone Support, Easy Web-based Control Panel and 99.999% Guaranteed Uptime SLA.

For first-time customers, offers a coupon code “promo20” that they can use to get 20% off for the first month of service. understands that there are organizations that need more than the above-mentioned packages allow. For bigger packages, interested clients only need to call their Sales Engineer directly at 949-436-7266 to discuss their needs and what solutions can be made available to them to suit their website and budget. The promo code applies for bigger packages as well.

You may contact for further information about the services they provide, or for inquiries regarding their packages.