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Don;t Miss The Movie The Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers

freecompress the lord of the ringsPeople who have attempted to read The Lord Of The Rings The Two Towers often find that it is not an easy book to get through. And yet, the movie version, released in 2002 and direct by Peter Jackson is an exciting and memorable movie that has received a lot of critical acclaim. Here are a few reasons why the movie is often more appealing than the book.

The book itself tends be difficult to get through because of the long portions of landscape description. Because Tolkien wants us to have as clear a picture of the terrain through which the characters are traveling, he tends to include a lot of detail. Everything from vegetation to weather is described and while it helps you develop a strong mental picture of Middle Earth (where the series is set), it can be hard to get through for many people. However, the slower portions tend to be balanced by shorter sections that depict great action such as important battles and sieges.

The 2002 screen adaptation of the book tends to make these slower portions more interesting. This is because you are able to see the landscape and it makes it feel more real and immediate than reading it may. Text can be hard to follow for some people but the visuals developed by Peter Jackson and his crew tend to reach out and draw you in more completely than you might ever imagine. The movie uses extensive make-up, elaborate sets and computer generated imagery to make the sensation of being in Middle Earth complete. Even people who have read the book will find they experience scenes such as the siege at Helm’s Deep more deeply and will truly feel that they are in King Theoden’s hall as Gandalf faces down Grima Wormtongue in order to free the Rohirrim from tyranny.

Because the focus in on action and not description, it is harder to ignore the references to the two towers. The first is that of Sauron himself, deep in the heart and darkness of Mordor. The second is that of the wizard Saruman who has fallen under Sauron’s control. You see the extent of Saruman’s treachery which is first mentioned in the Fellowship of the Ring.

The Fellowship was broken at the end of the first movie due to the attempted theft of the Ring from Frodo by Boromir. The movie is split into two different sub-plots. The first is the travels of Frodo and his companion Sam and the second is the travels of the remainder of the Fellowship. The companions are further separated due to events which occur during the book, and this gives us the opportunity to be introduced to many of the different cultures and races in Middle Earth.

You also begin to learn more about some of the motivations which affect the characters. Boromir, who is killed in the first movie, is from Gondor, a land on the border of Mordor and under constant siege from the forces of darkness. The movie delves into the motivations of the people of Gondor. We are introduced to Faramir, younger brother of Boromir who is desperate to prove himself to his father who serves as Steward of that country.

If you are someone who loves action, this book is filled with some of the most incredible scenes of any in fantasy literature. The main battle is that of Helm’s Deep, where humans hole up and are besieged by Orcs, Goblins and Uruk-hai.

Although The Two Towers is one of the least appreciated of the three books, it is definitely worth reading. It will help explain how things reach the point they do when The Return of The King begins.

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