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Even The Professionals Give The NordicTrack ACT Pro High Marks

freecompress exercise 2There’s a new machine on the market that is said to be even better that the top rated ACT Pro. The NordicTrack ACT Pro is equipped with a bigger and better flywheel and offers a great highlight-the iFit Live. This product allows for an individual to pick from a series of programs that are geared towards losing weight or staying fit. Discover how this item is used and what its advantages are.

There are twenty adjustable resistance levels available for an individual to choose from. This feature allows for a hassle free, uninterrupted workout with the single touch of a button. Choose your options from an easy to read diagram when selecting the level that’s right for you.

There are many benefits with the new iFit Live feature. Not only is it made by personal trainers, but you can view all of your data from your very own personal page. Everything is saved and recorded. To take full advantage of this benefit, you must have access to the internet and purchase this feature separately.

The needs of the individual are in mind when achieving a fitness goal. There are ten weight loss programs that are preset as well as ten performance workouts. These allow you to choose what type of exercise you want and need. Built in sensors that are located inside the handlebars, allow you to monitor your heart rate so you know where you are in your fitness routine at all times.

Building endurance and muscle is no problem with the upper body workout arms. These help you burn more calories while improving your cardio. Equipped with rubber gripping, they help you maintain a peace of mind while you workout.

Now you may select the workout routine of your choice on a back-lit display that is measured at 100 x 600. This high resolution screen gives you accurate readings and great animation. With so many new features, you can feel confident in knowing that this product was designed with the consumer in mind. Take advantage of the built in fan that is located on the console. Keep cool and comfortable while you exercise.

Those who are limited on space can benefit from this item’s flexible design. Measuring only fifty one inches long and thirty eight inches wide, this makes it ideal for people who live in a condominium or apartment. With its steel construction and solid build, this product was made for even the most toughest workouts and was created to last.

Listen to tunes, customize your workout and stay fit all at once with the NordicTrack ACT Pro. It comes with a one year in-home warranty service along with a parts replacement. Whether your goal is to burn fat or build muscle, this item is gym quality yet affordable as well.

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