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Find Sites That Provide Fast Movie Downloading

freecompress Download 2Have you ever wanted to download movies onto your PC? Here are some of your options. Most of the time, it just requires you inserting a DVD into your DVD drive. But not all computers, especially older, are equipped with DVD drives and therefore, will not be able to play them back.

There are all kinds of options at your fingertips for watching movies via the small screen. Some choices are legal and some are illegal but you will have to be the judge as to what is best for you. Normally, all that you need to watch these movies is software that comes pre-installed upon purchase of the computer, as in trial movie software versions.

There are of course, the illegal options where you can download full-length movies from user-fed sites. Obviously, there are many drawbacks with this option that can both get you in trouble and your computer if you download a virus by mistake. But in the spirit of completeness, this is an option that is out there and can be found with some research on your part. In order to use these sites, you must often agree to a list of warnings that this material is not produced or acquired by the site owners, nor will they be responsible for it.

More recently, brick and mortar business are starting to offer this service. Companies like Blockbuster have expanded their services to include online movies, and they can be delivered either online or through express mail. These are great options because you are paying to view them for an agreed upon amount of time, and the downloads are safe without fear of computer-crashing bugs being included.

Netflix has also joined the group of socially progressive companies and offers their movie service both online and through dish or cable. Their subscribers can have access to as many movies as they want and there are no late fees. By combining great service with convenient options, they are selling their service quite successfully.

If you would rather avoid downloading anything to your computer, you can also stream movies online. Most of the time, a video player is all that is needed, like Windows Media Player. Certainly, there are better versions of movie software out there and depending on your objective, may be more desirable to play your movies back with.

While there are no real rules to watching these movies, you’ll notice I’m sure that some are pirated and some are not. Once these have been tagged as pirate movies, they are quickly removed. However, the danger of a virus is slightly removed, because there is not a download option.

If I were going to choose one, I would no doubt subscribe to a reputable company like Netflix. With all their customer service options and access features, they are a great choice. By using their subscriber movies, it also removes the threat of contamination by virus. Many times, they sent out customer appreciation gifts that reward loyal customers as well.

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