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Free Methods For Unlock iPhone – Do They Work As They Claim?

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Free Methods For Unlock iPhone – Do They Work As They Claim?

To purchase iPhone, you have to walk in to an Apple store and purchase it with a carrier contract. If you are not fond of accepting expensive voice and data plans from network operators, you should look for methods to
unlock iPhone 4 so that you can continue to use SIM card of your choice as long as you want. Once iPhone is purchased, it must be activated and activating iPhone through iTunes seals the network operator lock. Depending on the type of unlocking method you choose to work with, you have to activate the iPhone first or hacktivate it later. A lot of attention must be paid to the unlocking method you choose and so, it is better to be cautious while making the right choice.


On the internet, when you search for iPhone unlocking methods, you will see that a number of websites offer to provide free unlocking methods. These free methods are claimed to work flawlessly on different iPhone models such as 3G, 3GS, 4 and 4S on different iOS operating system versions including latest iOS 5.x versions. While these claims seem to be too good to be true, there is some truth to the claims. Unless you understand how these unlocking methods work, you won’t be able to make the right choice.


The popular hacking teams like iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev Team work tirelessly to jailbreak iPhone because they are solely interested in cracking the proprietary iOS operating system. Hackers enjoy hacking devices because of the thrill and reward. Uncovering iOS vulnerabilities will help other developers to make use of those vulnerabilities to develop useful apps. So, developers support hackers and use the jailbreaking solution to explore iOS vulnerabilities. Unlocking iPhone is one such effort from hackers to enable iPhone users to use any SIM card of their choice without worrying about expensive network operator contracts.


As the free tools are developed to help developers to develop different iPhone applications, they are not intended for regular iPhone users. If you have technical knowledge and skills to repair your iOS firmware if something should go wrong, you can try your luck with the free jailbreaking and unlocking methods. You can’t expect the hackers to answer your questions regarding jailbreaking or unlocking iPhone because the hackers are always interested in networking with other tech savvy individuals to develop much functional apps. Even though free iPhone unlock can be used by everyone in theory, it is not suitable for practical purposes.


How To Choose Best Method To Unlock iPhone Properly?


You choose to unlock an iPhone 4 mainly to insert any SIM card of your choice, especially when you travel to foreign destinations. So, the unlocking method you use should allow you to use your iPhone in any country with a local SIM card. You shouldn’t be bombarded with technical error messages when you try to update your firmware or baseband to stay on the current edition of the iOS operating system. More importantly, you shouldn’t be forced to stay behind with older firmware just because free unlocking method is not updated at the right time.


The best method for iPhone unlock should allow you to use your iPhone with another SIM card continuously and flawlessly. As the lock placed by Apple is entirely software based lock, you should be able to unlock your iPhone by simply using software. Sometimes, firmware update may result in baseband update and in that case, you should be able to continue to use an unlocked iPhone. A lifetime unlock is not available as yet with software, but you can use a software that is constantly updated to unlock latest firmware and baseband.


Expert Recommended Automatic Software To Unlock iPhone


Experts recommend using automatic software for unlocking iPhone because this computer based software is completely automatic. Even those who don’t have any technical skills can easily launch the software and unlock the device without any problem. If something should go wrong during the iPhone unlocking process, you can always rely on the technical support team to resolve your issues, however silly or complicated your mistakes may be.


Step 1: Purchase computer based iPhone unlock software and get lifetime subscription to software updates.


Step 2: Launch computer software and connect your iPhone to your computer.


Step 3: Click on Jailbreak button to jailbreak iPhone and then choose Unlock button to continue to unlock your iPhone.


Step 4: Reboot iPhone and insert your SIM card and enjoy unlocked iPhone 4 forever.