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Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Tips

freecompress GFThe thing about break ups is that they can work both ways. There are times when we actually find ourselves glad to finally call it quits especially when the person you are saying good bye to turns out to be a bit psychotic.

But generally, break ups can be very devastating. There is nothing that can force you to look at yourself in a much different way like break ups do. Moving on works to relieve yourself of the pain, but sometimes nothing can ever make you feel alive again and you just have to get your ex girlfriend back.

The good thing about women is that when it comes to the issue of making up after a break up, they can be quite forgiving. The reason for this is because they are usually wired to think about the broken relationship and everything that they have done to make it work.

Hence, doing a few subtle moves is sufficient enough to make her want to be with her again.

Just like in love, there are different rules involved in making up. The golden rule when it comes to the latter is that one must never try to contact an ex so early on after the break up because this usually gets read as desperation which translates to pathetic.

And your ex may be observing this rule so even if she used to text you every 15 minutes, she’ll probably refrain from sending you a single message on your IM.

You need to be the first one to text her or call her. She may be shy to text you or maybe she already has other suitors who are keeping her busy, she’s entitled to that after all.

That may have made you score a few points when you were still together but that’s just desperate now. Sending her brief emails or simple text messages will allow her to ease up on you and make her realize that you are still there.

Fine, you are entitled to play the field with other women since you are broken up anyway. But one thing that you must remember is to avoid sleeping with them. Going on dates and even giving them good bye kisses are fine. But never hook up.

Lastly, never forget important occasions such as her birthday. Nothing means more to a girl than being remembered.

I’m not saying that you should go the extra mile, a nice birthday card will do.

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