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Green Brochure Printing Lets You Market Your Company And Be Environmentally Friendly

freecompress brochureIt’s a tough position that business owners are in that are concerned about protecting the environment. You want to do the marketing and promotion that your company needs. At the same time, you’re concerned about the effects of those efforts on the environment. Green brochure printing can help you alleviate those concerns.

The truth is, it’s quite difficult for companies to be paperless. While many people get a great deal of information from the Internet, it’s not the only way. And many people still would rather read material in a printed format instead of on their computers.

At the same time, there’s no question that the environment is in trouble. An enormous amount of trees go into making paper. And there are many inks that are toxic and end up in the soil, water or both.

Some printing companies, however, specialize in being green. Therefore, they will take the environment into their consideration with the ink as well as the paper that they use. It won’t have as low an impact as marketing on the Internet. It will, however, make a great difference as compared to conventional printing methods.

The paper the company will use will be recycled. The ink used could be soy-based so that it causes far less harm than the typical petroleum based ones. The company may have other ways to be environmentally friendly such as offering direct mail services or having more than one location so that your brochures can be shipped from a site close to you.

The methods used to manufacture recycled paper and ink that’s environmentally friendly are far more advanced than in the past. There’s no need to be worried that you’ll sacrifice quality so that your printing can be green. Your brochures will be as professional looking as those that are printed in a more conventional way.

There are a number of reasons for using printed brochures. They can be mailed to prospective clients. They can be distributed at your business location. They can be handed out at conventions, trade shows or other gatherings. When clients or prospective clients take brochures away, there is a greater chance of them being read than relying on them to go to your company website for the same information.

Green brochure printing helps companies have the best of both worlds. They will get a printed piece that is of high quality for improving sales. However, they can also be satisfied that the method used will have a lesser impact on the environment.

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