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How Does DNA Paternity Test Work?

freecompress Paternity testTechnology has done so much for many of us – in fact it has helped us overcome many of our shortcomings in life. It surely has made things a lot simpler and much faster to accomplish. Technology, indeed, has facilitated lots of discoveries making life less of a wonder and has aided communication even to far flung parts of the world.

The area of medical science is one of the areas that has greatly benefited from technological development. One of the biggest contributions of science in the medical field is the DNA Paternity Test. DNA Paternity Test is a test performed to prove the paternity of a supposed father when the mother is unsure or doubtful. Of course, the mother is 100% that the child is hers but the father, for some reasons, may have some doubts.

Science and technology has naturally made Paternity Tests extremely reliable and it is very helpful in making things clearer, particularly on child support. It also gives a solid and incontestable proof of evidence during child support proceedings.

But how does DNA paternity work?

The DNA Paternity Test is conducted by taking DNA sample of the supposed father and the child. The child has a combination of the mother and father’s DNA – that is a known fact. Thus, the child’s genome will contain almost equal parts of the mother and the father. The proof of paternity is obtained by comparing the DNA sequences of both the child and the supposed father. If their DNA results match, it means that the supposed father is indeed the child’s biological father. If it doesn’t, then it sets things clear and gives peace of mind to both parties.

The DNA Paternity Test could also be performed before the birth of the child or what they call Prenatal DNA Paternity Test. But, one should always consult a physician before submitting one’s self for this test. So it is for the reason that many risks are involved during prenatal test. The doctor would first make sure that the test will not harm the baby. The vitals of the fetus and the mother are verified first, so if the doctor finds out that it would negatively affect the baby, he or she would not go on with the test. But if it shows good signs, then a blood sample of the mother is needed as it also contains the DNA of the fetus. The result of the test will typically confirm the paternity of the supposed father of the child.

DNA Paternity Test is the most reliable and accurate method of resolving paternity issues. In fact, a trustworthy and affordable Paternity Test Services are available with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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