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How To Defend Against Internet Malevolence

freecompress malevolenceIf you haven’t been around lately, then you might not know about this new invention called the Internet. The Internet is widely agreed to be one of the greatest inventions ever developed by humans. I will likely have an impact on humanity as dramatic as the agricultural revolution did over ten thousand years ago.

The reasons are numerous. From an entertainment perspective, the Internet is unmatched in its variety and numerous sources of pleasure. Watching videos online, and reading a few of your favorite blogs is fast becoming a pastime for many.

For businesses, the Internet is absolutely essential. More and more businesses are starting to realize that without a strong Internet presence, their business may very well be doomed to failure. It was only a few years ago that companies even had the option of having a web site or not. Today, it is clearly a requirement for doing business. And when you add in all the public servants, researchers and scientists who use the collaborative powers of the Internet on a daily basis, you can clearly understand its importance.

However, all is not roses and ice cream. Just like in the natural world, there are parasites that want to sneak in, steal resources without giving anything in return. In the world of the Internet, these are commonly referred to as malicious software, and come in two basic varieties.

The first kind is the worst. These spread from computer to computer like locusts, destroying everything in their path. Malicious software, or malware, wants nothing more than the destruction of your data. The second variety, while not as destructive, can be just as troublesome. These are commonly referred to as adware or spyware, and seek to exploit your personal information for financial gain.

Of course, just as these programs are becoming more and more advanced, so are the programs to defend against them. Once installed, these programs will seek and destroy all those bugs that have infected your computer, allowing you to surf the Internet in peace, just like it was meant to be.

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