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How You Can Save Money On Heating Bills With DIY Sash Window Insulation

freecompress save moneyAt this time of year the temperature is steadily dropping and the wind speed is on the increase. Both of these factors mean that any draughts in your home will become much more apparent. Anyone who has sash windows in their home will be very aware of this very problem. So now is the time to save money on heating bills with DIY sash window insulation.

With the recent increases in the cost of electricity nobody can afford to lose heat from their home unnecessarily. For people with these types of windows that is exactly what is happening. Draughts around a window are the number one way that heat can escape from a building. And as there are usually a lot of them it is easy to see why.

Many people think that as these gaps are so small filling them would make little or no difference. But they would be wrong. By completing this relatively small job you will see a significant drop in your heating bill every month. Also you will feel a big difference in every room in your house.

If you are unsure whether or not you have draughty windows and should have them insulated there are some things you can do to check. On a windy day just hold up your hand with palm facing the window frame. Move it around the whole frame and any draught should be easily felt. Another way to check is to hold a lit match up to the frame. If the flame is consistently blown away from the glass or even goes out then there is a draught.

This type of job can be quite difficult for some people. If you have experience in working with tools and your hands then you should be able to do this yourself. Before you start get yourself a kit from any hardware store. You will find everything that is needed to complete the job. Make sure and measure the size of your windows before buying a kit.

The first step in this job is removing the window from the frame. This is because seals need to be fitted to both the upper and lower parts of the window. To remove it you will first have to remove any outer casings and mouldings that surround the frame. Now the rubber seals can be fitted and everything put back in place.

Obviously it is not quite that easy. You should find a more detailed guide online when attempting to do this. Unless you completely confident of doing a successful job do not try it. Instead of saving money on your heating bills you could end up creating a bigger problem that will cost you more.

You can really save on your electricity bill with sash window draught proofing. Get exclusive inside info instantly in our sash window refurbishment review.