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Introducing The Newly Released BlackBerry Torch

freecompress Blackberry TorchThe BlackBerry Torch is the newest edition to the popular BlackBerry line from AT&T and RIM (Research In Motion). The phone is a high profile smart phone combined with traditional BlackBerry features. BlackBerry incorporates a complete touchscreen design into their Torch and removes the keyboard-the very same keyboard that is a familiar asset to all who use the traditionally designed BlackBerries. However, not all is lost considering the Torch does come equipped with a slide out full QWERTY; users still have a physical keyboard, it is just not as accessible as it once was.

The premiere attraction is the touch screen featuring multi-touch capabilities. With so much real estate to control, it would be wise to consider purchasing a screen protector. A screen protector is a great way to keep fingerprints off the glass while preserving its original design and functionality. The best screen protector is the Invisible Shield. Manufactured with a high military grade material, this protector is efficient in keeping screens safe and protected from outside damage. Constructed to fit the BlackBerry Torch specifically, the Invisible Shield will keep the glass from scratching while remaining unscathed itself. It has a lifetime warranty and a 45-day money back guarantee.

Additionally available for this phone are different kinds of cases. These cases come in a variety of styles and colors. They are also made from different materials such as leather, vinyl and fabric, among others. Protecting the phone with cases will keep the entire phone safely tucked away while taking it anywhere. For example, the cases made by AG Findings such as the Glide Rail Technology Shell and the Premium Leather Pouch are all made to fit the specifications of the Torch. These cases offer protection a different way; the Technology Shell attaches to itself so that you never lose the phone and it comes with two interchangeable front casings.

Other accessories include Charging/Sync Pod that cradles the Torch while laying on its side and allows the phone to charge without attaching a cable to it. Additionally available are extra batteries so that the user can switch them immediately should he not have a place to charge the cell phone. MicroUSB chargers are also one of the most popular BlackBerry accessories because they can go anywhere and plug into a car cigarette lighter allowing the phone to charge up when not in use and still on the go.

Anyone purchasing a BlackBerry Torch knows that he cannot have one without the proper accessories that will not only keep the phone safe, but keep it running as well.

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