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Is He Taking Over The Relationship – Healthy Power Dynamic You Must Have

freecompress AlphaAre you bothered by the degree of power he possesses in this relationship? Are you that you’re trying too hard, while he’s not trying enough? Are you frustrated that he forces you to do whatever he wants, while you’ve got no control over what he does? Read on to learn how to shift the power dynamic in your relationship and start gaining control…

I was surprised to learn, as I coached women, just what percentage of them voluntarily gave up their power in the relationship. These women try to please the guy by letting him get whatever he wants and sacrificing what they desire. Once he’s got things going his way, women think he’d be more apt to be happy.

This can be a faulty thought process. If he realizes that he can do whatever he chooses, you’ll be saddened by the dismal results you get.

The requests will increase and as you begin to select from tending to his needs, he’ll take it out on you.

Over time, he’ll also appreciate you less and demand more of you as he builds up the habit of relying on you for everything.

With no challenge and no chance of having to work to get what he wants, he’ll get bored with you.

Take control and show him that you aren’t a mushy pushover and you’ll see how the excitement and passion returns to this dreary relationship as he suddenly feels challenged. Take this to mean,

So instead of focusing all your energy on him and his happiness, take time to tend to be sure that be happy in this relationship.

Around this moment, refuse to give in to his excessive demands.

Normally it takes some time, but if you’re consistent with this, he’ll take you seriously and realize that he needs to jump in with this new shift in power if this relationship is to last.

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