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jersey-gemsJersey Gems puts a new spin on an old favorite! Jersey Shore SHARK TANK! is a fun, fresh, sexy new game app available on iTunes; a new take on the old favorite; Dunk Tank. How good is your aim? Jersey Shore Shark Tank allows you to dunk the sexy Jersey Shore style characters in a Shark infested Tank! You need strategy for this one! How good is your aim? * WATER * SLIME * ACID * … acid? Your choice.

Hit the target and dunk the Jersey Shore kids in water, slime or acid. Either way the shark will get them. Jersey Shore Amusement Park fun.

The same challenge to hit the target as when playing  the Jersey Shore Carnival games. Just when you think you have it, the wind ‘changes up’ your throw! Fun and challenging! How good is your aim? Do you have the right strategy to hit the target every time? Compare scores! Jersey Shore SHARK TANK! has Fun, Fresh and Sexy screen shots. Shark Tank! is a bit more challenging than the original, but it is possible to dunk the scantily clad Jersey Shore characters. Hit the target 5 times without missing, and you’ve scored a dunk. Miss the target before scoring 5 hits, and you have to start over. Don’t be surprised if it takes you 3 or 4 tries to score a dunk. Dunk the Jersey Shore characters in WATER, SLIME or ACID and watch the Shark Attack! [ Water turns red.. ] Fun, Sexy and Fresh. A really fun game which is limited to those 17 years of age or older because of the partial nudity and mild violence. [ The water turns red when the shark attacks the ‘victim’, equals mild violence. ] Girls dressed in skimpy bathing suits, shirtless guys and red water when the character gets dunked, gets the Jersey Shore Shark Tank game app a 17 and older rating. Jersey Shore Shark Tank is a new release by Jersey Gems, the creator of ‘Snook! The Night’, another hip game app with Fresh Fun and Sexy images. Both games are challenging, and entertain with Fun, Sexy and Fresh screen shots. Both are a fun way to pass the time. Download Jersey Shore Shark Tank and Snook The Night game apps from iTunes today! Save  scores and compare your achievements with your friends. Must be 17 years or older to download ‘Jersey Shore Shark Tank.’ .. ‘Snook The Night’ does not have age restrictions. Both are rated 5 stars.