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Lanyards As A Merchandising Instrument

freecompress LanyardsBusinesses allocate a huge proportion of their funds for marketing campaigns. People connect with a business when they are exposed to its brand repeatedly through appealing marketing material. The form of merchandise may vary but the purpose remains the same – they must be pleasant to look at and create a strong recall of the company. One such merchandising item is lanyards.

One of the most well known and efficient forms of marketing at business events has been T-shirts displaying the logo of the company. However, Lanyards are the latest addition in the repertoire of marketing tools. They attract a lot of attention from potential customers, which gives exposure to the business’ logo and slogan, and that is why they are becoming so popular.

The utility of lanyards increases manifold at corporate events like seminars, symposiums, and business exhibitions. They can be given to the people attending a specific event. The lanyard may also contain the name of the event along with the organization name, and therefore act as a souvenir for the recipients.

Lanyards can be an effective gift, and they are very affordable. You can buy them by dozens to give away for advertisement gifts. You can also have them imprinted with your name, a company or product name, logo, or a message. They are also good as souvenir at special events, grand openings, or for employee gifts.

Lanyards, since they are lesser expensive than printed t-shirts, can be a much more economical marketing medium. They create a significant brand recall and form a positive impression of the company on prospective customers.

Lanyards are not just cheap and effective in marketing a company’s brand; in fact, there are many other reasons why you should be making use of them. Lanyard can be printed with eye catching colours, which helps in drawing people’s attention towards them. They are very useful and can serve some important purposes like hanging an ID card or a USB drive from the neck. Because of its versatility, prospective customers can also take it home and find various uses of it, which gets exposure to your brand for a long time.

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