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Learn How To Astral Project Naturally

freecompress Astral ProjectionThe ability to astral project is something which everyone already has naturally; in fact, you’ve probably astral projected before without knowing it. What we’re going to talk about here is learning to consciously astral project and have control over where your astral body goes.

We’re going to assume that you already know what the astral plane is and that you know about your astral body. Instead, we’ll go ahead and discuss methods that can help you learn how to astral project. Everyone does best with different techniques, so you may want to try different ones until you find one which is best for you.

One technique you can try when you’re lying in bed before you sleep follows. There are five steps to follow in this technique.

*First; relax your body completely, trying to achieve a state of deep relaxation throughout your body. While you’re lying there, tense and then release all of your muscles, starting from your toes and working your way towards your head. You may start feeling very heavy; this is natural and indicates deep physical relaxation.

*Second; Focus on your breathing. Take deep, slow breaths and concentrate on the feeling of the air filling your lungs. Exhale slowly, visualizing your tension and stress leaving your body each time you exhale.

*Third; Focus on the deeply relaxed way your body feels; it probably feels like stone or clay; that is to say, heavy and difficult to move. Next, concentrate on the weightlessness of your astral body and picture it floating up out of your physical body.

*Fourth; At this point, you may find that you’re able to see perfectly in your room even tough your eyes are closed. Your room will be bathed in purple light. Focus on the light coming from the ceiling.

*Fifth; Now, visualize pulling the light from the ceiling to your astral body. You should experience a sensation of floating. Remain conscious during this part. You might even see your physical body lying in bed if you were to look down.

If you’ve been able to make it through all of these steps, you’ve done it! You can now depart on astral travels. If you can’t astral project this way, there’s another method which you can try.

This is called the gazing method and is used by many when learning how to astral project. It’s a very simple method where you focus your complete attention on an object. This can be anything as long as its within your line of sight while you lie in bed.

Lying back in bed, focus on this object and continue to gaze at it until you can’t keep your eyes open anymore. If you’ve been successful, you’ll still be able to see this object after your eyes close. You’ll probably feel like getting up, so do so but be warned that you may see your physical body lying in bed asleep; don’t be alarmed!

If you aren’t immediately successful with these techniques, don’t give up. There are other ways to astral project, though any technique can take some practice. Be persistent and you will learn how to astral project before too long.

It’s not really all that important how you start to astral project. Whatever works for you is great; the important thing is to let your subconscious mind know that it’s OK for your astral body to depart to travel the astral plane and that there’s nothing to fear. One way you can get this message across to your subconscious mind is by using affirmations.

Plenty of techniques can help you learn how to astral travel; you’ll find the right one for you with a little practice and possibly some trial and error.

Hypnosis is something which a lot of people find helps them to astral project. Especially for beginners, a guided hypnosis session can help. Having an expert there to tell you what’s happening and what to do next at each step is valuable guidance.

New audio technology has enabled something called binaural beats which can produce a relaxed, meditative state using slightly different frequencies in each ear. A lot of people find binaural beats to make it easy to astral project.

It’s really not that hard to learn how to astral project. It’s simply a matter of practice. You already have this capacity, but you’ll need to work at it to develop this skill. Just like learning to ride a bike, it’s something you can already do, but some practice is needed to train yourself to do it well.

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