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Learn Telepathy – A Natural Way To Communicate

freecompress A TelepathyDid you know that people can all learn telepathy? This is the ability to sense and transmit our feelings to others over a distance without the use of words or our five physical senses. This mind to mind communication happens instantly, and can even happen over enormous distances.

If you think you can’t learn telepathy, it’s time to reconsider. Most of us have already had a telepathic experience of some kind without knowing it. We don’t realize it’s this kind of experience, or don’t even know it’s happening. Ever suddenly thought about someone you haven’t thought about or talked to in a long time, then received a call, letter or email from them shortly afterwards? That’s telepathy.

What happened was, one or both of you telepathically made contact with the other, transmitting emotions of affection, longing, wonder at their current state of affairs, or something like that.

This telepathic contact encouraged them to get in touch with you. Perhaps you were the first person to think of them, and the other person received your emotions and felt like contacting you. Or maybe they contacted you, felt your return thoughts of them without your being aware of it, and that was the reason they chose to make contact another way. They may have even been planning to get in touch, and you perceived that intent telepathically before the contact ever happened.

Many people feel that they cannot learn telepathy for one reason or another. It might have to do with religious upbringing teaching them that telepathy is ‘sorcery’ and ‘of the devil’, so they have never tried to learn it and might even have suppressed any telepathic experiences they were having until they could no longer recognize them. They may also have been told that telepathy is irrational nonsense because there’s no ‘scientific evidence’ for it-another lie (there actually is such evidence).

One real barrier that people find when learning telepathy is believing a particular myth. This idea is that regular, spoken language is less important or useful than telepathy, that’s it’s inferior. Some people think that as our telepathic abilities decayed over time, we were forced to learn speech. This isn’t any more true than the belief that telepathy is a product of Satan. Words and telepathy can go together just like the words to a song go with the music.

In this analogy, the lyrics to a song are spoken language, and the music is telepathic contact. Each is an enhancement of the other. After all, telepathic feelings are rarely well defined – words sharpen and clarify them. This is why we use words in the first place. However, dependence on language can cause people not to communicate in a telepathic fashion, leading to fewer and fewer people using this method of communication.

Are you interested in telepathy now? Want to open up the doors of perception and be closer to other people than you’ve ever been before? Learning telepathy is much easier than it sounds to people who’ve never done it before. Just like everything else, it takes practice.

The first thing you need to do if you’re going to practice telepathic contact is partner with someone. Ideally, you should choose someone you’ve been good friends with for a long time. Choose someone who’s also open minded about telepathy and, if possible, pick a partner who also wants to learn this method of communication. Beginners benefit from positive reinforcement.

The next thing you need to do is separate from your partner. You shouldn’t be able to see or hear one another, or give each other cues. Both of you need to be as relaxed as possible, since being tense tends to interfere with your performance in this and in other activities. Remove stress and worry from your mind and make sure you’ve got a method to get in touch with your partner. A phone or Internet connection will work well.

Now, one at a time (you’ll need to previously agree on who will go first), visualize the other person as clearly in your mind as you can. Then, visualize some kind of connection between you – a physical connection, something like a golden light that surrounds you both, or a magical thread of pure energy that connects you.

The next thing to do is to send a thought through that thread or from one light into the other. This is like a web transmission or phone call. Keep it simple to start with and go with the clearest thought possible. Make it something the other person can’t guess without contact, though!

Now, when you feel that this transmission has gone through, contact the other person and ask them if they saw anything. Then, compare notes to see how effective the process was. Once you’re done with this, your partner should try sending to you.

When you are beginning, if you don’t feel that you were able to transmit after 15 minutes, stop for a while. Your first attempts should be kept brief so that you don’t exhaust yourselves and so you don’t become frustrated and allow negative feelings to settle in.

If you want to learn telepathy, the most important thing is to keep your mind positive about it, and don’t give up until you start to get results. You’ll be entering into a new and wondrous universe!

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