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Leave the Ladder in the Garage – Glass Replacement Needs to be Done Right

residential-glassOne usually doesn’t appreciate windows in your home or business until one of them is broken or structurally compromised. Up until that point, by and large, your residential glass or commercial glass is just “there” and affording your family or customers a nice view of the world outside your door. The view is nice, but you don’t appreciate the dual purpose they serve as a barrier between the dwelling and the elements outdoors. That is, until they break or begin to have their seals fail.


Home window replacement and commercial glass replacement are needs that tend to pop up unexpectedly and often at the most inopportune times. Nonetheless, it is important to deal with them with a level head and keep in mind that if the job isn’t done right, it will very likely be done again in the not too distant future.


Glass Damage Becoming Increasingly Common


You’ve very likely noticed that Mother Nature is not a particularly pleased woman here in the 21st century. No matter where you’re located on the globe, the structures we call homes are all the more frequently under assault from storms and other natural calamities. There is no way to prevent windows from being the “weak link” on our homes given the nature of residential glass itself and the fact we continue to wish to have a view of what’s going on outside our home.


Window technology is striving to meet the increased demands being placed on them, but no window is going to be up to the challenge if it’s improperly installed. The work of qualified window installation technicians is the only way to be sure your home window replacement is done right. Peace of mind knowing the job is done right has to be the foremost one, but other benefits of trusting the job to a pro include the fact the work is most often guaranteed against failure and that buyers can often purchase their windows at an “installed” price.


Commercial Glass Replacement – Keeping up “Appearances”


For most business owners, their storefront is a reflection of the business itself and windows are often an integral component of that, to say nothing of the security they provide. In much the same way as the rule applies to homes, it is foolish to trust the job of commercial glass replacement to anyone other than a trained professional.


This is as true of Ma n’ Pa corner stores to 5-store hotels and swanky restaurants. And with the fact that prospective “passerby” customers equate the appearance of your storefront with the quality of what’s inside, you really can’t cut corners with your windows. Make sure they look good and are installed right, and don’t fight the urge to wash them even when they’re not even remotely dirty.


Home and business owners alike in Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland have a glazier and replacement residential glass provider at the ready with Urban Glass. They’re passionate about windows, glass, mirrors – you name it – and bring a genuine enthusiasm for doing the job right. Contact them for home window replacement or commercial glass replacement.