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Link Building Techniques To Gain Popularity

freecompress link buildingLink exchanged is known to be the common process of webmaster even during the past few years in exchanging their links. In this process webmasters link directories, building and selling their links to gain huge income with their business online. From the time link exchanged became the common process in internet, search engines value the process of link exchange like MSN that continue to give importance to anchor text links that points to any website in the algorithm. However Google made a monthly major algorithm updates features Jagger that the SEO experts give a second thought for reciprocal linking.

Reciprocal linking is use to increase link popularity of website. After Google Jagger 3 updated their algorithm it seems that their website was dropped to a few hundreds of pages in the search engine results. Links that are artificially built by webmasters are identified and gave no value just to gain link popularity. Back links are not usually just means of pointing back to your website instead it should be seen natural by search engines. There are important techniques you must follow to be used in the future.

Reciprocal linking is not usually dead it is used for other reasons of some business makers online. Google will consider the use of reciprocal for example is you have two different websites that are not merely related but there are value and information for the visitor to these websites.

Submission in Directory links, such as Dmoz and yahoo directory is considered by Google as gold links. Your website will be included in Google if listed in Dmoz. However if you submitted a website that is not related to directory it is not given value. The quality of the links matters rather than the number of links.

To be a content provider which means to create content on your website that will give other site a reason to link to your website. Provide information related to your niche. A unique content, create an article in your own website.

To get links with other sites is to think out of the box. Think of some helpful ideas where you can get links. Through sending testimonials related to your products and services and asking to link back to your website.

Press release is another technique in link building. Submitting a press release that includes your products and services will have strong effect to gain links and popularity to your website. Moreover you can also gain wide publicity of your website.

Submission of articles is another form of marketing. This method will help you to pick up by webmaster so you can gain a free inbound in return. It is a process of submitting your articles into article banks.

These methods when you applied, will gain back links from authority sites and related websites. This will definitely make your building links for the year 2010 a better experience and gain popularity.

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