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LIPO 2Many men and women are bothered by a large and protruding appearance of their abdomen. This can be due to a combination of fat excess, skin excess, and muscle weakness in the abdominal area. Although exercise and diet are the healthiest methods of staying in shape, achieving a flap abdominal contour is not always possible without surgery. Stretched skin occurs in people who gained or lost weight or more commonly following pregnancy. Today there is no effective way to tighten the sagging abdominal skin other than having it surgically removed. Fat accumulation in the abdominal area can also be resistant to diet and exercise. In such cases, unwanted fat can be removed with liposuction or a tummy tuck, which commonly done by plastic surgery Los Angeles experts. This procedure is known as abdominoplasty (also referred to as tummy tuck Beverly Hills ). However, during a conventional tummy tuck procedure, liposuction in the mid and upper abdomen is risky and may result in skin necrosis. Therefore, very limited or no liposuction of those areas is performed. This results in many patients complaining of fat excess in the mid and upper abdominal area which gives the abdomen a round (and not flat ) contour. These patients frequently had to undergo a second liposuction procedure to remove fat from those areas.

On the other hand, a new and advanced tummy tuck procedure called lipoabdominoplasty, allows to achieve better abdominal contouring as compared to a conventional tummy tuck. Lipoabdominoplasty allows to perform a tummy tuck and remove fat excess in the mid and upper abdominal areas in one stage. Safety and recovery following lipoabdominoplasty appears to be better than following a conventional tummy tuck. The incision is placed low so that the scar can be hidden behind underwear. Drains are typically removed sooner after abdominoplasty vs conventional tummy tuck (5-7 days vs 8-14 days respectively). Many people go home the same day after a abdominoplasty and some choose to spend a night in the hospital. Typically, patients return to work in about 10-14 days and resume exercises in 30 days after surgery. The new shape of the abdomen is evident immediately after the procedure and continues to improve over the next several months. Many patients combine lipoabdominoplasty with other procedures as breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, or rhinoplasty Beverly Hills