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Looking At Manifesting

freecompress ManifestingThe literary meaning of the term manifesting is making something perceivable by the senses. That is, if something gets manifested, it can be seen, heard, touched, smelt or felt.

Thus manifesting your dreams would mean making your dreams come true in reality which can be perceived through the senses. Now that we know and understand the literary meaning of the term, we can delve into the depths of it in our context.

Since childhood we have been told by our parents and teachers that our lives are what we make them out to be and that one creates his/her own destiny, etc but have we ever truly believed in these sentences? I think not, and the reason being that we have forever thought them to be just motivational quotes stated to inspire us in believing that success can be achieved with hard work. But what if someone said that you can manifest all your dreams with your thoughts and energy? What if someone tells you that you can manifest your dreams of being able to run even with those handicapped legs of yours without any surgery, but with the sheer energy and power of your own thoughts?

Sounding impossible? But the fact is that anything is possible in this universe with the power of positive energy. If you focus on that one thing which you want the most, focus all your attention and energy on it so much so that you can actually visualize it happening and have faith that it will happen, then you will see your dreams manifest itself into reality.

Energy is present in the universe in two forms. The particle and the wavelength forms. While the particle form is perceivable by the senses, the wavelength form flows freely having full potential to act in the realm of all possibilities. If you can focus your attention and energy on this wavelength form, you can manifest it into any kind of particle form that you desire. This being said, it must be added that the concept of energy is the source, core and ending to everything in the universe, the universe itself. The potential or the power energy has can result in anything. The extent to which it can be explained is called science at presence. Beyond that it is called miracles.

Energy can be present in either a perceivable particle form or in a wavelength form which is free flowing in nature where a gamut of possibilities exists. The wavelength form is in that realm where if your attention and energy needs to connect in manifesting your desires into reality.

The three things that you need in manifesting your dreams are those of attention, energy and time. Firstly, focus all your attention on that one desire of yours. Direct all your thoughts and focus on to it for connecting to the energy wavelength. Next, think about your desire, believe that it will be manifested and charge up this vision with the energy of your emotions so that the amplitude of the energy increases.

Remember, more than 50% of the word attraction is action, hence in attracting the object of your will for manifestation; spending time for repeated action towards it is required. Get rid off all the negative energy by avoiding negative thoughts and experience the power of positive energy with the power of faith. The power of your thought and the positive energy radiating from you due to your attention, belief and faith will lead your desire to manifest itself in reality.

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