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Lose Weight Today With A Proform 480e LE Elliptical

exercise 1A home fitness machine should be both efficient and fun to use to motivate you to work out. And such is what the Proform 480e LE elliptical can give you. It carries with it features that fitness buffs, as well as athletes, deem important in a machine. After all, it comes from a company, Proform, which has been manufacturing fitness machines for years now.

An 18-inch stride length targets as much muscles in the lower body as it provides the legs with maximum swing. Allowing you to position your feet comfortable for you is the large-sized non-slip pedals. Don’t worry about your upper body not getting a workout. The soft-grip handle bars take care of that by also targeting your arms as you stride.

Behind its friction-less and fluid pedal motion is the SMR, or Silent Magnetic Resistance, innovation. Such mechanism relays resistance to the flywheel in a magnetic manner. In addition, SMR provides you with as much as 10 resistance levels, accessible by simply pushing a button on the console. The 480e LE provides the kind of challenge your workout needs as your fitness level advances, so there’s no need to purchase a different machine.

Making you feel like you’re working out at the gym is the innovative iFit Workout Card Technology. This card is designed by a fitness trainer, and can be purchased and inserted into the 480e LE’s console. A voice will instruct you as you go through various levels of fitness and resistance levels. It’s set to give you the best possible results within a span of 8 weeks.

The iFit Workout Card won’t work if it wasn’t for the 480e LE’s built in speaker sound system. This feature also enables you to plug in your portable music player into the fitness machine. Now your workout sessions need not be a drag as you listen to your favorite high-intensity tracks, playing at high volume.

Displaying some relevant workout information is the blue-backlit LCD screen on the machine’s console. It displays your distance covered, resistance level, etc. There’s also an EKG Heart Rate Monitor that let’s you know if you’ve reached that maximum fat-burning zone. To keep you cool as you workout, there’s the AutoBreeze Workout Fan which comes in 3 settings.

Worry not about the Proform 480e LE elliptical trainer taking up much space in your home, as it’s so compact. This, thanks to its SpaceSaver design. And that’s not all: the base and the pedals fold up easily! This fitness machine has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. And is backed up by a 5-year frame warranty.

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