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Make Your Own Wedding Favor Packaging

freecompress wedding packagesSewing your own wedding gown is not easy, and cooking the food for the wedding reception is really challenging, if not impossible. But if you fancy being hands on in some aspects of your wedding, preparing packaging for the favors should be easy enough to do. Making special packaging for your wedding favors will truly be exciting especially if you enjoy arts and crafts. If this is your first time, do not fret as the basics in wedding favor packaging is just the same and as simple as packaging for any other type of gift.

When making personally made packaging, check your schedule to make sure you have ample time to make them. The last thing you’ll want is to run out of time for taking care of the other details of your wedding because you allotted way too much time to preparing the packaging. To make things less complicated, stick to the simpler designs or styles when making boxes or bags, and use materials that you are already familiar with. This way, you will not spend too much time experimenting or re-doing some pieces.

At the same time, be mindful about the durability of your packaging. Making the packaging out of paper or out of fabric is a major consideration. Protecting your wedding favors will depend largely on how well they are packed and purchasing other materials to complete your packaging will depend on this as well. If you are dealing with edible favors, make sure that the packaging you will use will prevent breakage and spoilage of the food item.

Choose which packaging would be best for your wedding favor, whether bags or boxes. For fragile items such as crystals, the best thing you can do is simply place a specially printed ribbon around it or place it inside a padded box.

Complete your packaging by creating favor labels that are suitable for your favors. If there is space in the body of the favor, you can place sticker labels directly on them before placing them in boxes or bags. This way, you need not double the favor label by attaching a hang tag or mini card.

Packaging your own wedding favors will truly make your guests feel appreciated for the time and wishes they have bestowed on your special day. Making these packages will be a creative outlet that will let you improve your crafting skills, and give your favors that one of a kind packaging instead of the ones that your guests normally see from department stores or bridal shops.

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