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Making Arrangements For A Funeral Service

freecompress Funeral2One of the certainties of our being is death. Each one of use has to face it and is yet unprepared for it. Conducting a service in memory of the deceased is one of the oldest customs that has witnessed a lot of changes. Traditionally, a funeral service was conducted in church and the deceased was paid last respects with hymns as well as a eulogy. However, as a larger number of people are willing to go with personalized services, the trend has undergone change over the last few decades.

Preparing for a funeral could be a very painful and tough task, especially right after the death of a relative or a friend. A general misconception that a service is a legal necessity is incorrect as no law makes it mandatory to conduct a funeral service.

Secondly, many people hold the belief that a service has to be conducted in a church, which is also a misconception. It is noteworthy that though traditionally such services were held in a church, with the trend of personalizing, a lot of funeral services are being held within the premises of the deceased.

Thirdly, such services do not need the presence of any clergy or pastor or even a casket for that matter.

With the rise in choice for personal funeral services, it is crucial to take the deceased into consideration while preparing for it. The music that will be played at the service must be soothing as well as from the favourites of the deceased. You can either hire a live music band or decide to play music records.

Personal items can be displayed in the form of a collage, thereby bringing to the notice of the world the real nature of the deceased. It is also crucial to give an address in the service in form of a speech, poem or a song in the memory of the deceased by a close friend or relative.

Last but not the least, it is important to give some memento to people who gather for the funeral service, so that they can remember the dead person forever.

Death is a sensitive time. After all, funeral present the family with a need to transition into moving on with life. Get the best casket for your loved one’s burial.