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Manifestation, Abundance And You

freecompress ManifestingManifestation refers to the ability to ‘make things happen.’ This is a relatively simplistic explanation but one that we can all work with. Manifestation is a power that we all have to one degree or another. Tapping into the power that we currently have and being able to harness it more directly is something that we can work at and become much more adept at.

Sometimes this is because we are told outright that we have no control and other times it is because life’s weight bears down on us from a very young age and we just don’t realize that we have more power than we know. Yet, even under the various matters that weighs down our minds we still have the power of manifestation and anyone who wants to start tapping into it can do so with discipline.

Some websites suggest that there are foods you can eat to help tap into your own manifestation powers. Commonly known as brain foods, there are certain fatty acids and proteins that can make the brain stronger and help you develop a more attuned mind. Not all experts agree with dietary contributions, but since the foods that are healthy are the ones that feed the brain, you can err on the side of probability.

Manifestation is still a part of our daily life. It is just a very small part and it is covered up under the word ‘attitude.’ We get sick and people remind us that healing is also a mental process. We chase down our goals and all the helpful people who told us to let go of our mind’s capabilities now remind us that we have to stay focused. On a mundane level, this is a ‘safe’ form of manifestation that is acceptable in our normal circles.

Yet we have so much more inside of us if we choose to develop it. We can take the garbage that clogs our minds and remove it and allow our brain to tap into our life. We can turn over our power directly to our senses and develop the idea that our mind can literally control the outcome of many different aspects of our life. We have this power if we want it.

We have to first learn how to take the daily issues that plague our hearts and let them float away. We then have to learn how to listen to our own abilities and learn how to act on our sense driven desires. When we can do this, the world becomes not only our oyster but our whole ocean.

However, if we take the time to develop our ability to clear our mind and tap into our own sense and ability we will find that we become literally much more focused and capable of completing what we are looking for.

Manifestation is possible for anyone who becomes disciplined when it comes to mastering the abilities that are already there. Once you master the ability that is natural to you, developing the abilities further is much easier.

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