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Mindpower Possibilities Explored

freecompress A MindThe power of the mind is a wonderful thing. Scientist testing revealed that we only use around ten percent of the total capacity of our brains. The thought of what would happen if we actually used the other ninety percent. That would be incredible!

Whether born with extra sensory or psychic powers, scientists believe these are powers people were able to access within their own minds. Whether they had been born with these increased mindpower abilities or they were developed throughout life.

Through the process of quantum physics it is starting to be thought that the true nature or the link between real life and true nature is by what we think and what we experience in life.

Studies are starting to confirm that the ancient religions that had been saying for thousands of years that reality is a product of your mind and that you can change the way you think has a lot of truth to it. Mindpower is really the only reality!

The movie, ‘The Secret’ defines what the law of attraction is. Most people are starting to realize that the way they think can really change anything they want in their life through their mindpower.

If you haven’t seen the movie, it is about how the law of attraction affects everyone, and that all our actions have cause and effects. No matter what you think, you can get. Learning to actually communicate with your subconscious mind is important or else your mind will think everything is exactly the way you want it to be. The scientific term for this is homeostasis.

Esp powers, telepathy, remote viewing, and precognition is controlled through the subconscious mind. This is also a reaction to the universe or what is known as universal consciousness to manifest your desires.

Developing your mindpower is through communication with your subconscious mind. There are several ways that you can do this.

By repeating and upbeat, optimistic phrase several times a day to yourself is called an affirmation. Through daily affirmations yoursubconscious mind will start to understand the message.

By repeating positive phrases is a way to break habits or change something you don’t like. For instance someone who wants to be confident may tell your subconscious mind how beautiful you are, or that everyone wants to be just like you. This is the most positive way to change the way we think.

Repeating your affirmations on a daily basis, you will see them start to work. You speak to your subconscious mind, telling your mind that you want something different and eventually you will start to behave differently..

If you take it a step further and think a little differently. Realizing that whatever you want will change, not just behaviors that you don’t like, but anything and everything! This is the power of mindpower!

Visualize what you want to see happen. Using what you see to develop mindpower is when you can close your eyes and think about what you’d like to happen. Your subconscious state of mind will react powerfully to those pictures. If you see yourself being successful, and think about everything you ever wanted for yourself. Visualize the new car you wanted, or that house you had your eyes on. If you were to cut out pictures of all the things you want before you sit down to visualize it all, you will see it clearer, and be able to focus. Do this often, and eventually all these things will appear in your life.

Think of yourself as living with psychic powers, and communicating telepathically. This mindpower is powerful, and whatever you want to happen will. If you want to be able to see into the future or view remotely, just use the powerful mind.

Though hypnosis you can communicate with your subconscious mind and help to develop your mindpower. You can visit a professional hypnotist, or a hypnotherapist that will help you to get into a totally relaxed state and help you to get into your subconscious mind. Communicating subconsciously will help you to develop your mindpower. A trained hypnotist or hypnotherapist can help you put things into your subconscious mind which you will remember when you wake up.

A less expensive way to hypnotize yourself into that state, is self hypnotizing. That is when you listen to a recording of a hypnotherapist going through the steps they go through in their session. The great thing about self hypnotizing yourself is that you can do it on a consistent basis, and the more you do anything the more powerful it can become.

A new audio technology for brainwave entrainment called brainwave synchronization. Brainwave synchronization changes your brainwaves instantly to a different frequency. The result of this, can be many different things. A certain frequency can improve your memory, while another frequency may release endorphins that could heal or alleviate pain.

You can also tune into a certain frequency that controls the state of meditation and will allow you to communicate quickly with your subconscious mind and therefore develop your mindpower quickly.

Specific frequencies can stimulate a part of your body known as the chakra energy center. This chakra energy is in the center of your forehead where a third eye would be. That is why they call it the third eye chakra which is responsible for the psychic powers.

There is no need to develop these powers, they are inside you and just need to find a way out. People say mindpower is in you, but repressed and locked deep within your mind.

So we may say we need to develop mindpower, but really we are just trying to find the keys to unlock all the powers and potential that everyone already has.

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