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Mobile website builder likely to be put to good use in 2012 and beyond

mobile-website-builderBusiness and personal website owners alike are going to need to employ a mobile website builder – or build a new mobile website themselves – in the very near future if they want to maintain the “status quo” with the numbers of visitors hitting their site.


It’s quite something to see how mobile phone technology has furthered the extent to which the Internet is a key resource in our lives. The explosion of the Iphone, Blackberry and Android has made it so that “phones” are as much an e-resource powerhouse as they are a mobile communication device. Trends indicate the nature of the use of smartphones will make them the most utilized means of connecting to the Internet within a few years. As an owner of a business website, you’re going to have to reformat your current website or build a new one.


Web hosting that’s right for your site


 A pair of key performance considerations for a mobile website are going to be readability and application performance. Those whose existing site features Windows-based applications that they want to incorporate into their new mobile website as well may consider Windows web hosting. It ensures visitors will be able to resource your website to the fullest with any type of mobile browsing devices, and most web hosting providers offer Windows web hosting and free domains. Free domains refers to the registration of the domain only, and you continue to be provided with web hosting for a monthly fee.


Mobile website requirements


Be certain that your mobile website builder has the ability to design your mobile website with everything you require of it. You need your new website to be as user-centric as possible, meaning it should be designed based on what you (or a web marketing solutions expert should) have defined their user dynamics to be. 2 main things all mobile websites will need:


·         Simplified navigation across the website with consistent navigation labels

Keep in mind the majority of navigation will be done with keypads, trackballs and fingertips


·         Small screen compatibility

Graphics and text should be presented to the visitor WITHOUT forcing them to adjust the size of their browser window.


If you’ve identified the need for a mobile website and are of the more the “do-it-yourself” type you may want to look at the new 4GoodHosting mobile website builder. It’s intuitive to use and has been designed to deliver website components that are pre-tailored to be more in line with mobile web browsing requirements. They also provide Windows web hosting as part of their competitively priced web hosting packages, and free domains are offered as well. Visit to learn more.