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Oakville and Mississauga Real Estate

Real EstateBuying or Selling in Oakville or Mississauga

Oakville-Real-EstateHow you do choose a real estate agent? Whether you are buying or selling real estate in Oakville or Mississauga one of the first steps is deciding whom to work with. When it comes to purchasing a home choosing the right agent can have a huge impact on whether you end up in the right home in the right neighbourhood. It is a relationship based on many things and trust is one of them.

To trust your real estate agent you need to have the confidence that they have the experience required to help you find that special home. To me, that means having a good grasp on a wide range of areas and neighbourhoods to understand the little pockets and nuances of each community – whether it’s about schools, amenities or the demographics.

For example, “empty nester” clients often tell me that they really don’t want a home on a street with kids playing road hockey or bouncing a basketball at ten pm. – understandable? Absolutely – I don’t blame them for wanting to live in a community that they feel they share something in common with their neighbours. Alternately, if I were the parent of road hockey teens, or young children – top of my list would be a real estate in Oakville that was in a child friendly neighbourhood.

I’ve had many clients along the way who started out looking for one thing and finished with something in either a completely different location or a very different home – why is that? Because very often at the beginning of your search for a home you are in the learning mode – and from my standpoint the more you learn about what it is that you want in your home in Oakville or Mississauga or anywhere else, the better your final decision will be.

I see my role in that is being critical. I want you to trust my experience and my expertise in real estate so that when we reach that important next step of actually putting an offer in on your home – you are filled with excitement and confidence.

Oakville or Mississauga Real Estate Listings

As much as finding the right home is important, the next step is equally important – what to pay for your house? There’s no easy answer to that one – real estate agents in Oakville do not price properties based upon anything so specific that you can be sure the list price is the right price for the home. There is lots of work that SHOULD go into determining whether the list price on a home you are interested in, is in line with the market values within the area. This takes careful research – it means that the agent should be a member of the real estate board within that area (for example the Oakville Real Estate Board – for real estate in the Oakville area or the Toronto Real Estate Board – for real estate in the surrounding areas of Toronto including Mississauga Real estate).

Once your realtor has reviewed the comparables that becomes the time for you to decide together what the strategy will be for your offer. This includes the price as well as any other considerations such as conditions and when you will take possession of the home. Next, is my favourite – the negotiation process –, which is critical to your success in getting your new home for the best possible price. I’ve been told by my clients as well as by many agents I have negotiated with – this is something that I excel in. While it is important to come away with a win/win – to me I can’t help but want my clients to “win” just a little more than the other.