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OTCBB and OTC: What Qualifications Your Executives Need To Attract Investors

freecompress executive1If your company is about to start taking steps for a public offering you will most likely want to bring in employees that will help season your business plan and private placement memorandum for your initial rounds of capital. The human resources section of your PPM is crucial and on your business plan your ‘key executives’ portion is critical.

You must be able to justify, many times over, the reason for the existence of this executive in your business. Let’s start with pedigree: This employee must have a traceable track record of success working with similar corporations at the same stage your company is in now, they must be able to prove that they played a key role in their previous employers growth. Next their education; if we lived in a perfect world, college education wouldn’t matter but in the mind of the investor, a university level education is a period of maturing and intellectually achieving the capacity to translate ideas into empirical strategies.

Your employees must have a 4 year degree if they are acting as anything other than administrative support. Community colleges and associates degrees don’t count and it’s better not to include these individuals as key players in your business model as it could bring into question your qualifications to run the company. The employee must also have a portfolio of ongoing education certifications and/or certificates of program completion. A university education is one thing but continuous professional growth is another element that is crucial to demonstrating an individual’s desire to stay on top of growing trends and contribute to their employers overall strategy.

Now, for the most important part; your executive must have a strong portfolio of industry specific contacts that will contribute to setting up and maintaining strategic alliances and partnerships on behalf of your company.

At corporate meetings, after you go over the plan for the day or the week you need to be able to assign each of your executives goals for setting up quality and qualified partnerships that enhance distribution, intellectual capital, publicity exposure etc. Without a powerful contact base one goes from being a excellent executive with VP level horizons to a general employee that needs to be micromanaged by a management team member.

Look at each executive in your company as a light bulb on a Christmas tree. When you roll out your small or medium size business to raise capital you want your tree blazing with blinding lights making you stand out in your industry.

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